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Dell PowerEdge Specialty Servers
Purpose-built for complex compute and storage intensive workloads

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Dell PowerEdge Specialty Servers
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PowerEdge XE2420

Low-latency, short-depth edge server designed to support complex streaming analytics and demanding retail applications.

  • Scalable performance in a dense form factor
  • Secure and simplified management from edge to cloud to core
  • High reliability in harsh environments outside the data center

PowerEdge XE8545

Develop, train, and deploy cutting edge machine learning models, accelerate complex high performance computing workloads or host accelerated virtualization services in a standard depth, 2-socket, 4U rack.

  • Supports up to 4x NVIDIA A100s and NVLink in an air-cooled chassis
  • Up to two 3rd gen AMD EPYC™ CPUs with up to 64 cores per CPU
  • Extreme peer-to-peer bandwidth with PCIe Gen4

PowerEdge XE Servers: Built for Your Most Demanding Workloads from the Edge to Multi-Cloud

PowerEdge XE is the first server family purpose-built for complex, emerging workloads that require high performance and large storage. These robust servers deliver the reliability and security for demanding applications inside traditional data centers or in extreme conditions stretching from outside the data center to the harsh edge environment of the IT infrastructure.


Rapidly respond to data growth by meeting the fluctuating demands of compute, latency and bandwidth


Monitor system health health accurately with unified systems management


Protect your customers and your business with a deep layer of defense built into the hardware and firmware

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