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Dell EMC PowerFlex R750
Unbounded Software-Defined Infrastructure for the Modern Datacenters

Dell EMC PowerFlex R750

Dell Storage Products
Dell EMC PowerFlex Software-Defined Storage
Dell EMC PowerFlex R750 Software-Defined Storage
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Dell PowerFlex software-defined infrastructure enables customers to modernize their IT delivery. Broad OS, hypervisor, and platform support flexibly consolidates disparate, heterogeneous workloads onto a common platform. Additionally, intelligent automation simplifies infrastructure operations and application workflows, while software-driven optimizations ensure highly performant and predictable workload outcomes.

Unbounded Software-Defined Infrastructure Maximizes IT Ecosystem Flexibility

PowerFlex, with its software-driven infrastructure optimization, accelerates customers’ modernization and consolidation initiatives, ensuring optimal workload execution and providing extensive automation capabilities to boost business agility

Modernize Without Limits

Flexible software-defined infrastructure enables consolidation without boundaries.

Automate for Agility

Streamline operations and boost agility with intelligent software-driven automation.

Optimize your Outcomes

Software-driven storage optimization ensures extreme workload results.

A Unified, Modern platform

Software-defined approaches provide compelling choices to deliver this organizational agility. They combine industry-standard hardware with software to pool and manage resources. When selecting a software-defined platform there are some critical aspects to consider:

  • It must deliver stringent SLAs predictably, and do so at scale. It also must be able to offer enterprise reliability, security, and critical data services.
  • The platform must offer extensive flexibility by supporting broad architectural choices, workload objectives and scaling needs.
  • It must enhance simplicity and agility of the environment by empowering administrators to automate and orchestrate infrastructure workflows.

Deliver Stringent SLAs Effortlessly

PowerFlex leverages software to unlock the full potential of rapid advances in industry-standard hardware and deliver extreme SLA outcomes. PowerFlex aggregates resources across a broad set of nodes, unlocking massive I/O and throughput performance while minimizing latency. Its self-balancing architecture eliminates any hotspots and ensures consistency and simplicity over time. You can scale the system while linearly scaling performance from as few as 4 nodes to 1000s of nodes, on-demand and non-disruptively. And with its self-healing architecture, PowerFlex is able to handle outages, upgrades and maintenance without downtime, resulting in 99.9999% availability. Additionally, PowerFlex is available in a broad range of resource configurations, allowing you to reach your performance objectives precisely with extensive GPU choices, varied drive types including SAS, NVMe, and Intel Optane Memory, and a range of networking options that include 25GbE and 100GbE networking options.

Embrace Change

PowerFlex delivers transformational agility that enables organizations to rapidly respond to changing business needs. PowerFlex offers flexibility to mix and match storage, compute and HCI nodes in a dynamic deployment, allowing you to scale storage and compute resources together or independently, one node at a time, and as your needs dictate. The platform can also support a broad range of operating environments simultaneously – bare metal operating systems, hypervisors, and container platforms – with a unified underlying infrastructure platform and management. With this, you can support heterogeneous workloads with varying requirements on a flexible shared infrastructure platform and modernize your application architectures on your schedule.

PowerFlex infrastructure can be rapidly reconfigured as needed to meet changing workload requirements quickly and effortlessly. It offers a choice of consumption options: PowerFlex rack is designed to simplify deployment and accelerate time-to-value. With PowerFlex appliance, customers can start small and scale as their needs grow. PowerFlex offers full-stack IT Operations Management (ITOM) and Life Cycle Management (LCM) with PowerFlex Manager. And to fully embrace change while managing cost, you can implement PowerFlex by choosing an OpEx consumption model from Dell Technologies’ APEX Custom solutions: APEX Flex on Demand or APEX Datacenter Utility options.

Deliver Predictable Outcomes

PowerFlex is designed from the ground up to deliver consistent predictable outcomes at large scales for your most-demanding missioncritical environments. It is optimized for a wide range of validated workload solutions ranging from traditional relational databases and modern cloud-native NoSQL databases to throughput-intensive analytics workloads.

PowerFlex offers a large ecosystem of cloud automation and container management platforms. It provides extensive automation capabilities with PowerFlex Manager REST APIs and custom Ansible modules to integrate with your infrastructure, application and DevOps workflows. PowerFlex Manager enables automated deployments and expansions with minimal hands-on time for the IT team, letting them focus on other strategic initiatives. Advanced capabilities like native replication, compression, and integrated encryption, and FIPs-140-2 compliance simplify data management and protection, and provide security compliance. When combined with VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM), PowerFlex offers compelling disaster recovery & business continuity. Native CloudIQ support simplifies infrastructure management at large scales, while integration with AppSync provides Copy Data Management and application data protection.

PowerFlex delivers exceptional SLA outcomes while enabling you to embrace change and deliver predictability across a broad range of mission-critical workload deployments. PowerFlex supercharges your modern datacenter so your IT is the enabler and the cornerstone of your business innovation.


Uncompromising performance and density for data center productivity and scale

Benefit from scalable storage performance and data set processing with the PowerEdge R750 server. This 2U, 2-socket platform brings you scalability and performance to adapt to a variety of applications. Choose up to 24 NVMe drives, or a total of 32 x 2.5” or 18 x 3.5” drives. As you scale your deployments, scale your productivity with embedded intelligence and automation from iDRAC9 and the entire OpenManage portfolio designed to simplify the IT lifecycle from deployment to retirement.

Ideal workloads:

  • Software-defined storage
  • Big Data server
  • HPC
  • Service providers: data tier

PowerFlex Software-Defined Infrastructure

PowerFlex is an unbounded software-defined infrastructure that maximizes IT ecosystem flexibility. It provides a solid foundation for the customers for their IT infrastructure modernization journey. Capabilities such as unified block and file storage, and broad OS, hypervisor, platform support flexibility help consolidates disparate, heterogeneous workloads onto a common platform. Additionally, PowerFlex is designed to automate for agility with a unified management toolset, PowerFlex Manager, that simplifies IT operations and lifecycle management with extensive automation capabilities. Finally, software-driven storage optimization ensures extreme workload results, delivers linear scalability, and enables extreme consolidation without performance degradation, allowing customers to optimize their outcomes and meet extreme SLAs.

Modernize without limits

PowerFlex offers extreme flexibility to meet the diverse and rapidly evolving needs of modern enterprises. It offers unprecedented choice for customers to architect their mission-critical IT environments. Mix and match storage, compute and HCI nodes in a dynamic deployment, allowing users to scale storage and compute resources together or independently, one node at a time, as needs dictate.

The platform can also support a broad range of operating environments – bare metal operating systems, hypervisors as well as container platforms – simultaneously with a unified infrastructure platform and management. By allowing you to flexibly mix these architectures in a single deployment, PowerFlex enables you to deploy, scale, and evolve all your applications to meet your business objectives.

Automate for Agility

PowerFlex is engineered to streamline operations and boost agility with intelligent software-driven automation. PowerFlex Manager, a unified management toolset for PowerFlex systems, simplifies IT Operations and lifecycle management tasks by providing extensive automation that reduces administrative time. Further, a rich out-of-the-box toolset including PowerFlex REST API, PowerFlex Ansible modules, and Dell Container Storage Modules (CSM) and CSI drivers enhance DevOps productivity and IT agility. Lastly, with CloudIQ, PowerFlex leverages an AI/ML-based approach to infrastructure monitoring and management, ensuring simplicity and consistency at scale.

Consistent Predictable Outcomes

PowerFlex is designed from the ground up to leverage industry standards and software-driven infrastructure optimization. The architecture delivers massive performance for I/O and throughput-intensive workloads by aggregating resources across many nodes while optimizing data path and placement to deliver the best outcomes. Mission-critical applications running on PowerFlex deliver millions of IOPs at sub-millisecond latency, scale linearly and ensure 99.9999% availability with real-life workloads. Additionally, the software-driven approach provides adaptability, enabling customers to quickly scale their infrastructure to address specific resource bottlenecks and reconstruct and recompose their resource pools to address changing seasonal or long-term requirements.

PowerFlex Consumption Options

With PowerFlex, you have choice and flexibility in how you choose to consume the PowerFlex architecture:

  • PowerFlex rack is a fully engineered system with integrated networking. It is designed to simplify deployment and acceleratetime to value.
  • PowerFlex appliance is a flexible solution with a small starting point and massive scale potential. PowerFlex appliance provides a broad choice of supported networking.
  • PowerFlex is also available with OpEx-based consumption options with APEX Custom Solutions. Customers can choose between APEX Flex on Demand and APEX Datacenter Utility based on their unique requirements.

Technical Specifications:

  PowerFlex R650 PowerFlex R750 PowerFlex R6525
Compute, Storage and Memory (per Node)
Chassis 1 RU 2 RU 1 RU
CPU 3 rd Gen Intel Xeon 3 rd Gen AMD EPIC
CPU sockets Two Two Two
CPU cores (total) 16 – 80 16 – 80 16 - 124
CPU frequency 2.00 GHz - 3.60 GHz 2.00 GHz - 3.60 GHz 2.00 GHz - 3.70 GHz
RAM1 256 GB - 8192 GB 256 GB - 8192 GB 256 GB – 4096 GB
All flash storage capacity 76TB SAS
128TB NVMe
Drive bays 10 x 2.5” 24 x 2.5” Diskless
NVDIMM + RDIMM Support Yes Yes No
Boot/OS solution 480 GB SATA M.2 (RAID1) “BOSS-S2”
Nvidia GPU Options T4 M10, T4, A10, A16, A30, A40, A100 T4
PowerFlex network connectivity (standard 4x 25Gb) Mellanox ConnectX-5 OCP
Mellanox ConnectX-5 PCIe
Mellanox ConnectX-6 PCIe
Management port iDRAC 9 Out of Band Management
PowerFlex Clustering, Scaling and Management
Min Nodes Per Cluster (Two-Layer Configuration) 4 Storage Only nodes minimum (6 or more recommended),
1 to 3 Compute Only nodes (depending on host OS)
Min Nodes Per Cluster (HCI Configuration) 4 HCI Nodes minimum (6 or more recommended)
Scaling Increments 1 Node (HCI, Compute Only or Storage Only)2
PowerFlex Manager Management Node Requirements3 Jump Server: 8GB RAM, 2 vCPU, 320GB storage
SRS: 4GB RAM, 2 vCPU, 16GB storage
PowerFlex Manager: 96GB RAM, 48 vCPU, 1.95TB storage
CloudLink (optional): 18GB RAM, 12 vCPU, 192GB storage
(These are all supplied as virtual machines)
PowerFlex Manager Supported Switches
Management Switches4 Cisco Nexus 3172TQ, Cisco Nexus 31108TC-V, Cisco Nexus 92348GC-X, Dell S4148T-ON
Access or Leaf Switches Cisco Nexus 3132QX, Cisco Nexus 3164Q, Cisco Nexus 93180YC-EX, Cisco Nexus 93180YC-FX, Cisco Nexus 93240YC-FX2, Cisco Nexus N93360YC-FX2, Dell S5048F-ON, Dell S5248F-ON, Dell S5296F-ON5, Dell S5224F-ON‡ , Dell S4148F-ON5
Aggregation or Spine Switches Cisco Nexus 9236C, Cisco Nexus 9336C-FX2, Cisco Nexus 9364C-GX, Cisco Nexus 9364C-GX, Dell S5232F-ON
Power and Dimensions PowerFlex R650 PowerFlex R750 PowerFlex R6525
High-efficiency dual redundant PSU 800W 100-240Vac / 240Vdc
1100W 100-240Vac / 240Vdc
1400W 100-240Vac / 240Vdc
1100W 48-60Vdc
800W 100-240Vac / 240Vdc
1100W 100-240Vac / 240Vdc
1400W 100-240Vac / 240Vdc
2400W 100-240Vac / 240Vdc
1100W 48-60Vdc
800W 100-240Vac / 240Vdc
1100W 100-240Vac / 240Vdc
1400W 100-240Vac / 240Vdc
1100W 48-60Vdc
Redundant cooling fans 8 6 8
Physical dimensions H: 42.8mm/1.68in H
W: 434.0mm/17.09in W
D: 733.82mm/29.61in D
Wgt: 21.9kg/48.28lb
H: 86.8mm/3.42in H
W: 434mm/17.09in W
D: 678.8mm/26.72in D
Wgt: 28.1kg/61.95lb
H: 42.8mm/1.68in H
W: 434.0mm/17.09in W
D: 733.82mm/29.61in D
Wgt: 21.9kg/48.28lb
Environmental and Certifications
Ambient operating temperature 10°C to 30°C
50°F to 86°F
10°C to 30°C
50°F to 86°F
10°C to 30°C
50°F to 86°F
Storage temperature range 40°C to +65°C
-40°F to +149°F
40°C to +65°C
-40°F to +149°F
40°C to +65°C
-40°F to +149°F
Operating relative humidity 8% to 80% (non-condensing) 8% to 80% (non-condensing) 8% to 80% (non-condensing)
Operating altitude with no deratings 3048m approx. 10,000 ft 3048m approx. 10,000 ft 3048m approx. 10,000 ft

1 Adding NVDIMM reduces maximum memory capacity
2 A single node is the minimum scaling required to expand an existing Storage Pool. Creation of a net new Storage Pool requires the addition of a minimum of 3 Storage or HCI Nodes.
3 New PowerFlex appliance deployments include a single-node management controller (with an option for three-node for larger systems). New PowerFlex integrated rack deployments include a three-node management controller. Both PowerFlex Management Controller options are ESXi based.
4 For PowerFlex appliance, the management switch can be “bring your own”.
5 RJ45 only supported on PowerFlex rack
6 PowerFlex appliance only

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Dell EMC PowerFlex Spec Sheet (.PDF)

Pricing Notes:

Dell Storage Products
Dell EMC PowerFlex Software-Defined Storage
Dell EMC PowerFlex R750 Software-Defined Storage
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