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Dell PowerEdge XE9680
Experience extreme acceleration for AI/ML/DL training with Dell’s first 8-way GPU server

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The Dell PowerEdge XE9680 is a high-performance server designed and optimized for AI training & HPC use cases like

  • Large language Models
  • Recommendation engines
  • Molecular Dynamics and Genome Sequencing

Rapidly develop, train and deploy large machine learning models with this high-performance application server made for artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and deep learning. Dell's PowerEdge XE9680 delivers the industry’s best AI performance.

No compromise AI infrastructure

Turbocharge your application performance with Dell’s first 8-way GPU platform in the XE9680 6U server, designed to drive the latest cutting-edge AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning Neural Network applications.

  • Combined with high core count of up to 56 cores in the new generation of Intel Xeon processors and the most GPU memory and bandwidth available today to break through the bounds of today’s and tomorrow’s AI computing.
  • Choose between 8 NVIDIA H100 700W SXM5 for extreme performance or 8 NVIDIA A100 500W SXM4 GPUs for a balance of performance and power, fully interconnected with NVIDIA NVLink technology.
  • Improve training performance with up to 900GB/s bandwidth for GPU-GPU communication, 1.5x more than the previous generation.
  • Host multi-tenant environments using virtualization options like NVIDIA Multi-Instance GPU (MIG) capability.

Accelerated I/O throughput

  • Deploy latest generation technologies including DDR5, NVLink, PCIe Gen 5.0, and NVMe SSDs to push the boundaries of data flow and computing possibilities.
  • Up to 10 front-facing PCIe Gen 5 slots and up to 16 drives enable optimal expansion for high-performance real-time AI operations.
  • Supports NVIDIA GDS (GPUDirect Storage), a direct data path for direct memory access (DMA) transfers between GPU memory and storage, increasing system bandwidth and decreasing latency and utilization load on the CPU
  • NVIDIA-Certified System capable to maximize operations with NVIDIA GPUs.

Cyber Resilient Architecture for Zero Trust IT environment & operations

Security is integrated into every phase of the PowerEdge lifecycle, including protected supply chain and factory-to-site integrity assurance. Silicon-based root of trust anchors end-to-end boot resilience while Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and role-based access controls ensure trusted operations.

Increase efficiency and accelerate operations with an autonomous infrastructure

The Dell OpenManage systems management portfolio delivers a secure, efficient, and comprehensive solution for PowerEdge servers. Simplify, automate and centralize one-to-many management with the OpenManage Enterprise console and iDRAC.


From recycled materials in our products and packaging, to thoughtful, innovative options for energy efficiency, the PowerEdge portfolio is designed to make, deliver, and recycle products to help reduce the carbon footprint and lower your operation costs. We even make it easy to retire legacy systems responsibly with Dell Technologies Services.

Rest easier with Dell Technologies Services

Maximize your PowerEdge Servers with comprehensive services ranging from Consulting, to ProDeploy and ProSupport suites, Data Migration and more – available across 170 countries and backed by our 60K+ employees and partners.

Pricing Notes:

  • Pricing and product availability subject to change without notice.
Dell Storage Products
Dell PowerEdge Specialty Servers
Dell PowerEdge XE9680 Rack Server
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