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Dell EMC PowerProtect DD9900 Appliance
The Ultimate Protection Storage Appliance

Dell EMC PowerProtect DD9900 Appliance

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Dell EMC PowerProtect DD9900 Appliance
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The PowerProtect DD series enables organizations to protect, manage and recover data at scale across their diverse environments. The DD series is the next generation of Dell EMC Data Domain appliances, that are now setting the bar for data protection from edge to core to cloud. The PowerProtect DD series provides the ecosystem support, efficiency, powerful data protection and cloud-enabled capabilities that customers have come to expect and appreciate from Data Domain and takes it to the next level.

The DD Operating System (DDOS) is the intelligence that powers DD series. It provides the agility, security and reliability that enables the DD series to deliver high-speed, scalable and industry-leading multi-cloud protection storage for backup, archive and disaster recovery. DDOS integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructures, enabling ease-of-use with leading backup and archiving applications, and offers superior performance in conjunction with Dell EMC PowerProtect Data Manager and Data Protection Suite. When purchasing a new the DD series appliance you can now consume DDOS as a subscription providing flexibility for deployment while minimizing up front costs.

Delivering enterprise protection for small and mid-sized environments

In a world of ever more complex data, applications, and user needs, PowerProtect DD9900 makes data protection quick, easy and cost-effective. The DD9900 is cloud-enabled for modern data protection with support for Cloud Tier and Cloud Disaster Recovery. The PowerProtect DD appliance is specifically designed for the needs of small, midsized IT environments as well as remote/branch office IT environments. With DD9900, Dell EMC is delivering enterprise-class protection storage that customers trust in a compact, 3U protection storage appliance – purpose-built and ready to deliver industry-leading backup, archiving, disaster recovery & long-term cloud retention.

  • Simple 3U appliance with a modern, intuitive UI
  • Comprehensive data protection with leading deduplication and reliability
  • Licenses for DD Boost, DD Encryption & DD Replicator included
  • Wide coverage of both enterprise and homegrown applications
  • Includes Cloud Tier & Cloud Disaster Recovery
  • Multi-Site Scalability with network-efficient replication for ROBO use cases
  • Protects investment with the Future-Proof Program (support agreement required)

Fast, secure and efficient data protection

The DD series minimizes the risk of data loss and leverages the value of protected data, while meeting ever more demanding SLAs and increasing ROI. DDOS drives DD series to deliver up to 38% faster backups and up to 45% faster restores at higher compression levels. This improved level of compression efficiency typically increases the logical capacity by 30% per TB.

The DD series can now scale up to a physical capacity of 1.5PB in a single rack, thereby utilizing minimal floor space and lowering power and cooling by up to 41%. By employing denser disk drives, DD series has lowered the required rack space by up to 39%.

The DD series provides up to an additional 3PB of cloud capacity for long-term retention, with Dell EMC Cloud Tier. The DD series supports high availability within the single rack. By doing so, the DD series can further reduce the total cost of ownership by reducing downtime in the unlikely event of a hardware failure. The DD series delivers high speed networking connectivity with support for 25GbE and 100GbE network adapters.

Smart Scale for PowerProtect appliances

Organizations must often manage multiple data centers and cloud environments, add, upgrade, and retire protection storage infrastructure, accommodate new evolving applications and optimize capacity and performance. Not an easy task but one that Dell is helping companies overcome with Smart Scale. Smart Scale allows you to manage up to 32 DD series appliances in a single system pool under a unified name space driving down management complexity while increasing storage efficiency. Smart Scale is deployed free of charge through our single pane of glass management console, PowerProtect DD Management Center. Smart Scale is supported on the DD9900, DD9400, DD6900, DD6400 and DDVE on-prem. For software integration we support Dell PowerProtect Data Manager, Dell NetWorker, and thirdparty backup applications. Smart Scale introduces mobile storage units providing flexibility and transparent mobility of backup data in each pool.

Instant access and instant restore

Instant access and instant restore delivers high performance of VMs with up to 100K IOPS with the ability to instantly access up to 64 VMs simultaneously. Instant access and instant recovery save time, minimizing mean time to repair (MTTR), by enabling instant access to data from the backup image on the included the DD series SSD drives. It also saves primary storage space with the ability to manage data on the appliance itself and lowers cost by better utilizing the physical resources in both the data protection as well as the production environments.

In case of a failure or disaster recovery in a virtualized environment, the DD series can spin-up production-oriented VMs immediately within the appliance itself. By doing so, the customer can continue their daily routine without experiencing any downtime, while the failed VMs are restored to the production environment.

Data Invulnerability Architecture

The DD series is designed as the storage of last resort – providing you with the confidence that you can always reliably recover your data. The Data Invulnerability Architecture is built into DDOS and DD series to provide the industry’s best defense against data loss. Inline write and read verification protects against and automatically recovers from data integrity issues during data ingest and retrieval while RAID-6 and hot spares protect against disk failure.

Capturing and correcting I/O errors inline during the backup process eliminates the need to repeat backup jobs, ensuring backups complete on time and satisfy service-level agreements. In addition, unlike other enterprise arrays or file systems, continuous fault detection and self-healing ensures data remains recoverable throughout its lifecycle on DD series.

End-to-end data verification

End-to-end data verifications reads data after it is written and compares it to what was sent to disk, proving that it is reachable through the file system to disk and that the data is not corrupted. Specifically, when DDOS receives a write request from backup software, it computes a checksum over the data. After analysing the data for redundancy, it stores the new data segments and all the checksums. After all the data is written to disk, DDOS verifies that it can read the entire file from the disk platter and through PowerProtect DD, and that the checksums of the data read back match the checksums of the written data. This confirms the data is correct and recoverable from every level of the system.

End-to-end data verification

Seamless integration

The DD series integrates easily with existing infrastructures, enabling ease-of-use with leading backup and archiving applications, and offers superior performance in conjunction with PowerProtect Data Manager and Data Protection Suite.

The DD series can simultaneously support multiple access methods including NFS and/or CIFS, VTL, NDMP and DD Boost all applications and utilities can be supported in the same DD series at the same time to enable greater protection storage consolidation. A system can present itself as a file server, offering NFS, CIFS access over Ethernet; as a virtual tape library (VTL) over Fibre Channel; as an NDMP tape server over Ethernet; or as a disk target using application specific interfaces like DD Boost. DD VTL is qualified with leading open systems and IBMi enterprise backup applications.

Industry-leading multi-cloud protection

The DD series simplifies and obtains operational efficiencies including resiliency and scale as you grow in any cloud environment – private, public and hybrid. DD series supports the most extensive cloud ecosystem – AWS, Azure, VMware Cloud, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, and Dell EMC ECS to deliver excellent in-cloud data protection at reduced costs. DD series can natively tier deduplicated data to any supported cloud environment for long-term retention with Dell EMC Cloud Tier. DD series provides fast disaster recovery with orchestrated DR and provides an efficient architecture to extend on-premises data protection with lowered costs.

PowerProtect DD Virtual Edition and APEX Protection Storage for Public Cloud

PowerProtect DD Virtual Edition (DDVE) and APEX Protection Storage for Public Cloud leverage the power of DDOS to deliver software-defined protection storage on-premises and in-cloud. DDVE and APEX Protection Storage are fast and simple to download, deploy and configure – and can be up and running in minutes.

DDVE can be deployed on-premises on any standard hardware, converged or hyper-converged, and runs in VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, and KVM. DDVE is also certified with VxRail and Dell PowerEdge servers. An assessment tool can be run during deployment to check the underlying infrastructure and ensure it meets recommended requirements. A single DDVE instance can scale up to 96TB.

APEX Protection Storage runs in-cloud with AWS, AWS GovCloud, VMware Cloud, Azure, Azure Government Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, and Google Cloud. APEX Protection Storage can scale up to 256TB.

Within DDVE and APEX Protection Storage, capacity can easily be distributed between virtual systems and/or locations and can scale in increments of 1TB allowing you to grow capacity as the business demands. DDVE and APEX Protection Storage maintain the core DDOS features and include DD Boost, DD Encryption and DD Replicator. DDVE and APEX Protection Storage can be configured and managed using DD System Manager and centrally manage multiple instances, on-premises and in-cloud, through PowerProtect DD Management Center.

Long-term retention and disaster recovery in-cloud

With Dell EMC Cloud Tier (Cloud Tier), DDOS can natively tier data to a public, private or hybrid cloud for long-term retention. Only unique data is sent directly from DD series to the cloud and data lands on the cloud object storage already deduplicated. It supports AWS, AWS Gov Cloud, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, and Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS). With deduplication ratios of typically 65x, storage footprint is greatly reduced lowering overall TCO. With DDOS 7.7, Cloud Tier can scale up to 3PB of usable capacity. With DD Encryption, data in the cloud remains secure. Cloud Tier works with DDVE for on-prem deployments.

Dell EMC Cloud DR (Cloud DR) allows enterprises to copy backed-up VMs from their on-premises DD series environments to the public cloud (AWS, VMware Cloud on AWS, Azure) and to orchestrate DR testing and failover of workloads to the cloud in a disaster scenario with end to end orchestration.

Operational simplicity

The DD seriesis very simple to install and manage resulting in lower administrative and operational costs. Administrators can access DDOS through command line over SSH or through DD System Manager, a browser-based graphical user interface. Multiple DD series appliances can be managed and monitored through a single interface, PowerProtect DD Management Center, or DDMC. Customizable dashboards provide visibility into aggregate status, status by geo, and the ability to drill-down to system-level details. DDMC can now provide insights into current and projected capacities at the system level for DD series and legacy Data Domain systems allowing for enhanced forecasting and capacity management. Role-based access allows different levels of access via assigned user roles for various levels of expertise within the organization. Simple programmability as well as SNMP monitoring provides additional management flexibility. DDMC offers a pre check option before scheduling a DDOS upgrade to make sure your environment is compatible with the update. Once the pre check is complete you can schedule a one-to-many upgrade allowing you to schedule multiple DDOS upgrades as opposed to one to one updates. Configuring multiple DD series appliances is simple with DDMC by allowing you to create and apply configuration templates to your appliances. With cyber-attacks and threats on the rise, DDMC can provide compliance alerts when a system’s configuration is out of compliance. In the event of a DDOS upgrade failure the appliance will automatically default back to the previous OS release minimizing system downtime and allowing for continuous backup operations.

In addition, the DD series has an automatic call-home system reporting called auto-support, which provides email notification of complete system status to Dell EMC support and a selected list of administrators. This non-intrusive alerting and data collection capability enables proactive support and service without administrator intervention, further simplifying ongoing management.

The DD series appliances are now integrated with Dell EMC CloudIQ. CloudIQ provides proactive insights and performance analytics across supported storage, data protection, and hyper-converged products through one UI.

DD series software add-ons

DD Boost
The DD Boost software delivers an advanced level of integration with backup applications and data base utilities, enhancing performance and ease of use. Dell EMC also provides a DD Boost File System Plug-In (BoostFS) with DD Boost for even greater application support, which enables all the benefits of DD Boost for applications that use NFS for data protection. Rather than sending all data to the system for deduplication processes, DD Boost enables the backup server or application client to send only unique data segments across the network to the system.

DD Replicator
The DD Replicator software provides automated, policy-based, network-efficient and encrypted replication for disaster recovery and multi-site backup and archive consolidation. DD Replicator software asynchronously replicates only compressed, deduplicated data over the WAN. Cross-site deduplication further reduces bandwidth requirements when multiple sites are replicating to the same destination system. This improves network efficiency across all sites and reduces daily network bandwidth requirements making network-based replication fast, reliable and cost effective. In order to meet a broad set of DR requirements, DD Replicator provides flexible replication topologies, such as full system mirroring, bi-directional, many-to-one, one-to-many, and cascaded.

Dell EMC Future-Proof Program and Dell Technologies APEX

The Future-Proof Program is a customer facing program that gives our customers additional peace of mind with guaranteed satisfaction and investment protection through a comprehensive set of world class technology capabilities and programs for future technology changes. DD series participates in this Future-Proof Program. DD series is part of the Dell Technologies APEX program allowing for flexible payment options including pay as you go, pay as you use, and provided as-a-Service offerings.

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Dell EMC PowerProtect DD9900 Appliance
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