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Dell PowerFlex R650
Unbounded Software-Defined Infrastructure for the Modern Datacenters

Dell EMC PowerFlex R650

Dell Storage Products
Dell EMC PowerFlex Software-Defined Storage
Dell EMC PowerFlex R650 Software-Defined Storage
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Dell PowerFlex software-defined infrastructure is a comprehensive, adaptable, and reliable solution that helps businesses modernize their IT infrastructure, increase agility, and meet the demands of modern workloads. With its exceptional performance, scale, and ability to consolidate diverse workloads, PowerFlex instills confidence in your infrastructure to securely deliver under extreme requirements and enables businesses to remain competitive and respond quickly to changing conditions.

Maximum Flexibility

Achieve extreme business agility, exceptional performance, and scale, and consolidate diverse workloads with Dell PowerFlex

Extreme Business Agility

Versatile architecture with flexible deployment options and automation helps adapt to dynamic business needs

Exceptional Performance and Scale

Deliver unparalleled, reliable performance on a massive scale

Unprecedented Consolidation

Optimally run diverse applications and operating environments on a common infrastructure

A Unified, Modern platform

Software-defined approaches provide compelling choices to deliver this organizational agility. It allows organizations to automate, hence ensuring application requirements are automatically met. Additionally, ease in management allows organizations to utilize personnel efficiently. Also, they combine industrystandard hardware with software to pool and manage resources, thereby optimizing resource allocation. When selecting a software-defined platform, there are some critical aspects to consider:

  • The platform must support diverse workload needs such as multiple operating systems, hypervisors and container orchestration platforms, as well as distinct scaling needs and specific data services.
  • It must enhance simplicity and agility of the environment by adopting standards and automation.
  • It must deliver stringent SLAs predictably and do so at scale. It also must be able to offer enterprise reliability, security, and critical data services.

PowerFlex: An unbounded adaptable Software-Defined Infrastructure

Dell PowerFlex, a software-defined infrastructure, provides a solid foundation for the customers for their IT infrastructure modernization. The journey begins with unconstrained consolidation as customers can combine disparate, heterogeneous workloads onto a common platform, maximizing TCO savings. PowerFlex offers a rich out-of-the-box toolset that includes PowerFlex REST API, Dell Container Storage Modules (CSM) and CSI drivers, and PowerFlex Ansible modules, that help streamline operations and boost business agility. Finally, software-driven storage optimization ensures unrestricted IO and throughput performance with submillisecond latency and linear scalability to 1,000s of nodes. Such fundamental differentiators continue to allow customers to optimize their outcomes, whether modernizing a highperformance database or consolidating large application landscapes.

Modernize without limits

PowerFlex is a powerful software-defined infrastructure platform for customers at any stage of their modernization journey. It unifies the delivery of block and file storage, and compute resources in an engineered integrated system while supporting a wide range of operating environments on a common platform. It supports multiple container management and hyperscaler environments while simplifying workload and infrastructure coordination across your on-premises and cloud assets. PowerFlex also offers NVMe/TCP connectivity, giving customers an option to utilize industry standards. These capabilities empower organizations to optimally consolidate a diverse set of workloads with varying requirements and operating environments and drive transformational TCO savings.

Automate for agility

PowerFlex is engineered to streamline operations and boost agility with intelligent software-driven automation. PowerFlex Manager, a unified management toolset for PowerFlex systems, simplifies IT Operations Management (ITOM) and Life Cycle Management (LCM) tasks by providing extensive automation. It enables automated deployments and expansions with minimal hands-on time for the IT team, letting them focus on other strategic initiatives. Further, a rich out-of-the-box toolset including PowerFlex REST API, PowerFlex Ansible modules, and Dell Container Storage Modules (CSM) and CSI drivers enhance DevOps productivity and IT agility. Lastly, Dell CloudIQ intelligent insights simplify monitoring of distributed multi-location PowerFlex deployments by providing a seamless cloudbased AIOps mechanism.

Optimize your outcomes

PowerFlex is designed from the ground up to deliver consistent predictable outcomes at large scales for your most-demanding missioncritical environments. It is optimized for a wide range of validated workload solutions ranging from traditional relational databases and modern cloud-native NoSQL databases to throughput-intensive analytics workloads.

The architecture delivers massive performance for I/O and throughput-intensive workloads by aggregating resources across many nodes while optimizing data path and placement to deliver the best outcomes. Mission-critical applications running on PowerFlex deliver millions of IOPs at sub-millisecond latency without requiring massive infrastructure build-out, scale the performance linearly to 1,000s of nodes and ensure 99.9999% availability with real-life workloads. Additionally, the software-driven approach provides adaptability, enabling customers to quickly scale their infrastructure to address specific resource bottlenecks and reconstruct and recompose their resource pools to address changing seasonal or long-term requirements.

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Dell Storage Products
Dell EMC PowerFlex Software-Defined Storage
Dell EMC PowerFlex R650 Software-Defined Storage
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