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Optimized data protection for physical, virtual and cloud environments

Fast and efficient backups with flexible deployment options for daily full backups in dispersed environments. Optimized for incremental or daily full backups of physical, virtual and cloud environments, NAS servers, enterprise applications, remote offices and desktops/laptops.

Protect your data with confidence and recover with ease

Dell Avamar data protection software delivers flexible and efficient backup and recovery operations that can scale from daily backup protection for endpoints to high-performance protection for large enterprises with diverse applications and workloads.

If you are deploying all or part of your backup environment to the cloud, Avamar enables you to make the most of your investment, enabling replication, disaster recovery and long-term retention for customers using AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. It also provides application consistent recovery to help you meet your SLAs and optimize your backup and recovery processes.

Avamar is delivered as software, as a virtual appliance or as a physical appliance with Avamar Data Store. Avamar and Avamar Virtual Edition are available as part of Dell Data Protection Suite, which offers comprehensive data protection software applications and tools, or as a data store appliance in Avamar Data Store Gen5A.

Efficient data protection: Deduplication and automation for a resource efficient protection environment at a low cost to protect.

Multicloud enabled: Extend protection to the cloud with backup to cloud, backup in-cloud, long term retention and cloud disaster recovery.

Broad protection: High performance protection for a wide breadth of applications, storage targets, platforms and environments.

Wherever your data resides

Optimized for incremental or daily full backups, Avamar protects your data wherever it resides, no matter what kind of infrastructure or storage environment.

  • Multi-cloud, hybrid cloud
  • Multi-hypervisor, virtual environments
  • Enterprise applications
  • NAS systems
  • Remote offices
  • Desktops/laptops

Store more using fewer resources

By dividing, compressing and deduplicating data using a unique process, Avamar can greatly reduce the amount of data sent and stored, while maintaining data integrity for any necessary restore. This reduces backup and restore times, ensuring you can meet your RPO and RTO objectives.

This efficiency also means less stress on network assets and cloud connections, lowering your total cost of ownership. Deduplication dramatically reduces the amount of data sent and stored - eliminating backup bottlenecks and reducing storage.

Extend to the cloud

Avamar is cloud-ready, supporting backup and recovery operations to and in AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. For disaster recovery (DR), Cloud DR provides orchestrated DR operations and failover in the event of a disaster and failback following a disaster. In addition, Cloud DR offers orchestrated DR testing, a critical element in building a secure and reliable disaster recovery plan.

For long term retention to cloud environments, Cloud Tier allows data to be natively tiered to public, private or hybrid clouds. Tiering aging data automatically to the cloud helps meet compliance regulations, reduce your on-premises data footprint and lower your overall IT costs. Associated orchestration occurs directly within the Avamar UI, providing a consistent experience across functions.

Highly efficient backup of NAS and high-density file systems

Avamar provides fast, reliable NAS system backup and recovery via the Avamar NDMP Accelerator. This operation dramatically reduces backup times and the impact on NAS resources and enables an easier and faster recovery. The NDMP accelerator is available as both a virtual and hardware appliance. The fastincremental software architecture provides an efficient solution to protect high-density file systems (HDFS).

VMware optimized

Avamar is tightly integrated with VMware and optimized for protecting VMware virtual environments. Administrators can leverage familiar VMware tools, such as vRealize, to deliver backup and recovery operations and automated VMDK snapshot management.


Dell Storage Products
Backup and Protection Software
EMC Avamar
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