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Data Protection Advisor
Visibility and predictability across your data protection environment

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Monitoring and reporting for modern data protection infrastructure

Gain actionable insights through visibility, predictability and reporting across your diverse data protection environment. Data Protection Advisor enables you to measure backup and recovery SLAs, track compliance and recoverability, measure performance and review the utilization and protection status of data and applications across your environment.

Improve recoverability confidence and ensure service levels

Effectively managing your data protection environment is labor intensive and complex. It requires knowledge of backup applications, replication technologies, and the entire supporting infrastructure. Adding to the complexity are varying service-level objectives for backup and recovery, replication, and virtualization, as well as audit and compliance requirements to consider. And, with many IT organizations managing multiple data centers, combined with new computing models, data is often spread across a mix of on-premises and cloud resources.

With Dell Data Protection Advisor, you can automate and centralize the collection, monitoring and reporting of this data and get a single, comprehensive view of your environment. This includes monitoring data on AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. With clear visibility, you can gain actionable insight and effectively manage service levels while reducing costs and complexity. You can also collect and report on that data to help other stakeholders make the best decisions for your organization.

Data Protection Advisor is available as part of Dell Data Protection Suite.

Centralized visibility: Gain visibility into your protection environment, on premises or in the cloud.

Predictability: Identify anomalies, get automated alerts and predict capacity utilization.

Reporting: Arm yourself with the metrics that matter, and ensure compliance and SLAs are achieved.

Reduce costs

Imagine having a 24x7 watchdog for your IT environment. Data Protection Advisor proactively monitors conditions and automatically tells you if a process will break a policy or service level objective based on current trends. You also have insight into situations that may result in an unsuccessful backup, the ability to automate processes so you can appropriately staff IT projects, and how to more efficiently implement resources to reduce your data protection costs.

You also gain insights from Data Protection Advisor’s cross-domain event correlation analysis, which provides a clear view into the entire data protection path to ensure each component is working correctly. And that provides higherlevel decision support based on defined policies.

Spot potential cyber threats

To keep pace with constantly evolving ransomware and other cyber threats, Data Protection Advisor’s Analysis Engine enables a proactive approach to anomaly and possible threat detection. With Data Protection Advisor, you can leverage built-in rules and policies to look for and alert you to common cyber attack precursors, such as unusually high data movement, unauthorized changes to backup configurations or increases in network utilization. This visibility can keep you one step ahead of bad actors.

Cloud enabled

Whether backup applications are running on-premises or in cloud environments, Data Protection Advisor provides the same level of visibility. Data Protection Advisor offers scalable, centralized multi-tenant data protection management. This ensures service level attainment by enabling administrators to maintain performance as resource requirements change.

Provide the right information to the right people

With a single view into your backup infrastructure, every stakeholder has access to the information they need. Via customizable dashboards with rolebased access control or running a specific report, viewing the most important, yet environment-wide, information on one screen enables better operational decisions.

With a robust reporting engine, Data Protection Advisor offers an extensive set of report templates from which to choose across multiple categories, including Dashboard, Report Card, Backup / Management Operations Overview, Virtual Machines Not Protected, Client Deduplication Details, and Resource Utilization. With pre-configured reports you can simplify common tasks or customize your own. A flexible tenancy structure also allows end users to match and create reporting groups according to their own requirements or customize individual reports.

Comply with audits

Unexpected, or expected, audits can take IT administrators out of their primary role for many hours or even days to verify compliance with a regulatory guideline. Remove this manual effort with rapid access to key indicators of protection and enable stakeholders to validate status and service levels themselves.

Data Protection Advisor provides you with insight and visibility into your data protection environment, making backups easier and more efficient, while also providing a foundation on which to plan.


Dell Storage Products
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Dell Data Protection Advisor
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