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Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery On-Premises
Proven and Modern Protection for Critical Data from Ransomware and Destructive Cyberattacks.

Cyber Recovery On-Premises

Proven and Modern Protection for Critical Data from Ransomware and Destructive Cyberattacks.

The Challenge: Cyberattacks are the enemy of data-driven businesses

Data is the currency of the internet economy and a critical asset that must be protected, kept confidential and made available at a moment’s notice. Today’s global marketplace relies on the constant flow of data across interconnected networks, and digital transformation efforts put more sensitive data at risk.

This makes your organization’s data an attractive and lucrative target for cyber criminals. Regardless of the industry or size of the organization, cyberattacks continually expose business and governments to compromised data, lost revenue due to downtime, reputational damage and costly regulatory fines.

Having a cyber recovery strategy has become a mandate for business and government leaders, yet many organizations lack confidence in their data protection solutions. The Global Data Protection Index reported that 67% of IT decision makers are not very confident that all business-critical data can be recovered in the event of a destructive cyberattack1. From the Ransomware: The True Cost to Business 2022, 37% reported their organization was forced to lay off employees following an attack2. In addition, many believe that when you pay the ransom, you will get all your data back. But 90% reported they were not able to get 100% of their data back after paying the ransom.

So, what can you do to protect your organization, your customers, your employees and its valuable data?

The Solution: PowerProtect Cyber Recovery

To reduce business risk caused by cyberattacks and to create a more cyber resilient approach to data protection, you can modernize and automate your recovery and business continuity strategies and leverage the latest intelligent tools to detect and defend against cyber threats.

Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery provides proven, modern and intelligent protection to isolate critical data, identify suspicious activity and accelerate data recovery allowing you to quickly resume normal business operations.

Why Cyber Recovery?

Cyberattacks are designed to destroy, steal or otherwise compromise your valuable data – including your backups. Protecting your critical data and recovering it with assured integrity is key to resuming normal business operations post-attack. Could your business survive? Here are components of a cyber resilient solution:

Data Isolation and Governance
An isolated data center environment that is disconnected from corporate and backup networks and restricted from users other than those with proper clearance.

Automated Data Copy and Air Gap
Create unchangeable data copies in a secure digital vault and processes that create an operational air gap between the production / backup environment and the vault.

Intelligent Analytics and Tools
Machine learning and full-content indexing with powerful analytics within the safety of the vault. Automated integrity checks to determine whether data has been impacted by malware and tools to support remediation if needed.

Recovery and Remediation
Workflows and tools to perform recovery after an incident using dynamic restore processes and your existing DR procedures.

Solution Planning and Design
Expert guidance to select critical data sets, applications and other vital assets to determine RTOs and RPOs and streamline recovery.

Immutability, Isolation, and Intelligence

Cyber Recovery vault

The PowerProtect Cyber Recovery vault offers multiple layers of protection to provide resilience against cyberattacks even from an insider threat. It moves critical data away from the attack surface, physically isolating it within a protected part of the data center and requires separate security credentials and multi- factor authentication for access. Additional safeguards include an automated operational air gap to provide network isolation and eliminate management interfaces which could be compromised. PowerProtect Cyber Recovery automates the synchronization of data between production systems including open systems and mainframes, and the vault creating immutable copies with locked retention policies. If a cyberattack occurs you can quickly identify a clean copy of data, recover your critical systems and get your business back up and running.


PowerProtect Cyber Recovery is the first solution to fully integrate CyberSense which adds an intelligent layer of protection to help find data corruption when an attack penetrates the data center. This innovative approach provides full content indexing and uses machine learning (ML) to analyze over 100 content-based statistics and detect signs of corruption due to ransomware. CyberSense finds corruption with up to 99.5% confidence, helping you identify threats and diagnose attack vectors while protecting your business-critical content – all within the security of the vault.

Recovery and Remediation

PowerProtect Cyber Recovery provides automated restore and recovery procedures to bring business critical systems back online quickly and with confidence. Recovery is integrated with your incident response process. After an event occurs, the incident response team analyzes the production environment to determine the root cause of the event. CyberSense also provides post-attack forensic reports to understand the depth and breadth of the attack and provides a listing of the last good backup sets before corruption. Then, when the production is ready for recovery Cyber Recovery provides management tools and the technology that performs the actual data recovery. It automates the creation of the restore points that are used for recovery or security analytics.

Solution Planning and Design

Optional Dell Advisory Services help you determine which business critical systems to protect and can create dependency maps for associated applications and services, as well as the infrastructure needed to recover them. The service also generates recovery requirements and design alternatives, and it identifies the technologies to analyze, host and protect your data, along with a business case and implementation timeline.

Protecting your vital data from cyberattacks requires proven and modern solutions. PowerProtect Cyber Recovery can give you confidence that you can quickly identify and restore known good data and resume normal business operations after a cyberattack.

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