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Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery
Proven and Modern Protection for Critical Data from Ransomware and Destructive Cyberattacks.

Cyber Recovery

PowerProtect Cyber Recovery solution enables malware data recovery, data loss prevention, & ransomware recovery from cyber attacks with minimal downtime.

Protecting your business starts with protecting your data from ransomware

PowerProtect Cyber Recovery protects and isolates critical data from ransomware and other sophisticated threats. Machine learning identifies suspicious activity and allows you to recover known good data and resume normal business operations with confidence.

Assess your cyber resiliency

Complete this free cyber resiliency assessment for a quick but comprehensive health check that measures your organization’s ability to detect, respond to and recover from cyber threats. Based upon your evaluation and current score, we provide you with customized recommendations and valuable insights from Enterprise Strategy Group. Get actionable steps from trusted experts to help improve your cyber resiliency today.

Cyber and ransomware attacks are the enemy of today’s data-driven business

Cyber Recovery helps to protect your data through:


Preserve data integrity and confidentiality with layers of security and controls


Physical and logical separation of data within a vault


Machine learning and analytics help ensure recoverability

Modern protection and recovery for critical data from ransomware and cyber threats

PowerProtect Cyber Recovery enables cyber resiliency and ensures business continuity across on-premises and multiple cloud environments

Make Your Business Cyber Resilient

Intelligent CyberSense Analytics

Stay ahead of the rapidly changing threat landscape and sophisticated cyber criminals with CyberSense adaptive analytics, machine learning (ML) and forensic tools to detect, diagnose and accelerate data recovery within the security of the Cyber Recovery vault.

Secure Data Isolation

Automated workflows securely move business critical data to an isolated environment via an operational air gap. Create protection policies in less than 5 steps and monitor potential threats in real time with an intuitive dashboard.

PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for Sheltered Harbor: Protecting Financial Institutions From Cyber Risk

PowerProtect Cyber Recovery is the first and only solution to receive endorsement for meeting all of the data vaulting requirements of the Sheltered Harbor standard, protecting U.S. financial institutions from cyber threats like ransomware.

Data Recovery with Confidence

Responding to cyber attacks and recovering critical data and systems requires accuracy, simplicity and speed. Increase your business resiliency with automated recovery workflows, CyberSense forensic tools and dedicated incident response from SecureWorks.

Take a 360 degree approach to your Cyber Recovery Strategy

To successfully recover from a cyberattack, it is critical to have a strategy which is aligned to the business needs and prioritizes recovering the most critical processes first. With Dell Technologies Services, gain peace of mind against a cyberattack with a holistic recovery program which brings together the people, processes and technologies that you need to recover with confidence.

Modern data protection where and when you need it most

PowerProtect Cyber Recovery protects the data that drives your business - the same data that cyber attacks and ransomware target. Automation and intelligent security isolates data away from the attack surface with an operational air gap. Stored immutably within a dedicated cyber vault, you can respond, recover and resume normal business operations with confidence that your data and your business are protected with PowerProtect Cyber Recovery.


of organizations are not very confident that all business critical data can be recovered in the event of a destructive cyber attack1


of IT decision makers are concerned their organization's existing data protection measure may not be sufficient to cope with malware and ransomware threats1


of organizations are concerned that they will experience a disruptive event in the next twelve months1

1 CLM-001020. Based on research by Vanson Bourne commissioned by Dell Technologies, “Global Data Protection Index 2021 Snapshot,” carried out February – March, 2021. Results were derived from a total of 1,000 IT decision makers worldwide from both private and public organizations with 250+ employees.

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