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Dell PowerProtect Data Manager
Next generation software platform for proven and modern cloud data protection

Dell PowerProtect Data Manager

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Dell PowerProtect Data Manager
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PowerProtect Data Manager offers efficient data protection capabilities, leveraging the latest evolution of Dell's trusted protection storage architecture. With operational simplicity, agility and flexibility at its core, PowerProtect Data Manager enables the protection, management and recovery of your data, empowering you to rapidly evolve to meet future IT demands. You can also protect cloud-native workloads across multiple public clouds via our integrated SaaS-based PowerProtect Cloud Snapshot Manager.

  • Orchestrate protection directly through an intuitive interface and empower data owners to perform self-service backup and restore operations from their native applications
  • Ensure compliance and meet even the strictest of service level objectives
  • Extend optimized protection to the multicloud with backup to cloud, backup in-cloud, long term retention and cloud disaster recovery
  • Increase business security with cyber resilience data protection to rapidly recover from cyber incidents
  • Cloud-based monitoring and analytics with CloudIQ to enable action and speed time to resolution
  • Leverage your existing Dell PowerProtect appliances

Gain the confidence that your data is protected and available to drive value as a business asset

The IT landscape has changed. Reasons to protect workloads extend beyond IT-driven application restores and disaster recovery scenarios. Backup requirements have transcended IT teams and have crossed over to application and data owners who aspire to do more than simply restore their data.

To support these expanding use cases and requirements, backup applications are transforming to provide more than just access to backups and restore capabilities including:

  • Analysis and reuse for dev/test
  • Leverage the cloud to extend data center capabilities
  • Protect cloud native applications
  • Enable self-service backup and restore from native applications
  • Maintain centralized governance and control
  • Increase business resiliency to rapidly recovery from cyber incidents

To address these requirements, Dell PowerProtect Data Manager is at the forefront of this transformation to modern data protection.


  • Software-defined data protection
  • Autonomous operations: Automated discovery and protection of databases, virtual machines, file systems and Kubernetes containers
  • Multicloud optimized: Extend protection with backup to cloud, backup in-cloud, long term retention and cloud disaster recovery
  • Unique VMware protection: Ensure availability of all your VMs at scale without business disruption
  • Cyber recovery: Increase business resiliency to rapidly recovery from cyber incidents
  • Self-service backup and restore: Enable data owners from their native interfaces
  • Centralized oversight and governance: Mitigate risk and assures compliance of SLAs and SLOs
  • Simple protection workflows: Minimize daily operations
  • Cloud-based monitoring and analytics
  • Efficient protection: Protect data directly to PowerProtect appliances
  • PowerStore backup and recovery support
  • PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance: Integrated data protection platform in a single appliance

Discover, manage, protect and restore data

  • Kubernetes
  • VMware, Hyper-V and open hypervisors
  • Oracle, Microsoft SQL and Exchange, SAP HANA
  • Windows and Linux Filesystems

Next generation cloud data protection

You can address these challenges by transitioning to a broader cloud data protection strategy. One that places you on the path to modernizing your data center and unlocks the value of your data and applications for everyone. This is an evolution – and it begins with PowerProtect Data Manager.

Data Manager gives you valuable insight into protected on-premises and in-cloud workloads, applications, file systems, and virtual machines (VMs). Plus, complete oversight and governance to ensure compliance.

Designed with operational simplicity and agility in mind, Data Manager enables the protection of traditional workloads including Oracle, Exchange, SQL, SAP HANA and file systems as well as Kubernetes containers and virtual environments. Restore data on-premises or in the cloud. Governance control ensures IT compliance, making even the strictest service level objectives obtainable.


Dell Storage Products
Data Protection Software
Dell PowerProtect Data Manager
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