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Dell EMC PowerMax 2000
The world's fastest data storage array just got better

Dell EMC PowerMax 2000

Dell Storage Products
Dell EMC PowerMax NVMe Storage
Dell EMC PowerMax 2000 NVMe Storage
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The PowerMax 2000 offers an incredibly small footprint, blazing fast end-to-end NVMe and SCM performance, and rich data services, all at an attractive entry point into the PowerMax family. The PowerMax 2000 delivers the performance your applications demand while consolidating block, file, open systems, and IBM i workloads. PowerMax bricks allow you to scale the PowerMax 2000 from the base capacity of 13TB up to 1.2PBe in 13TB increments enabling you to scale as your business needs grow.

PowerMax is offered as an appliance with either the Essentials or Pro software package included. To top it off, PowerMax is part of The Dell EMC Future-Proof Program which gives you additional peace of mind with guaranteed satisfaction and investment protection for future technology changes.

The journey to Digital Transformation requires a new approach to enterprise data storage

The new digital era is revolutionizing the way businesses work and operate, placing IT transformation at the core of being competitive. Technological innovations like artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, cloud computing, and big data analytics are the driving forces behind rapid data growth, traditional business model disruption, and – in many cases – the source of added IT complexity.

To address these paradigm shifts, organizations need a new generation of enterprise storage that provides unparalleled performance without compromising security, availability, scalability, protection and efficiency. Dell EMC PowerMax is that platform , which offers massive scalability in every possible dimension—performance, capacity, connectivity, LUNs/devices and superior data services — all with a future-proof architecture featuring end-toend non-volatile memory express (NVMe), storage class memory (SCM), built-in machine learning, seamless cloud mobility and deep VMware integration.

PowerMax delivers proven six-nines of availability in a single array1 , offers leading security with end-to-end efficient encryption, and best-in-class data resiliency with Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF), the gold standard in remote replication for business continuance and disaster recovery (BC/DR). PowerMax is based on a powerful architecture, simple operation and trusted innovation that increases customer productivity, while dramatically reducing operational costs.


  • Powerful architecture with extreme performance consolidates demanding mixed workloads
  • Built-in machine learning automates data placement for optimal performance with no management overhead
  • Highly secure end-to-end efficient encryption safeguards digital assets with 3.5:1 data reduction, guaranteed
  • Seamless cloud mobility moves data from PowerMax to AWS, Azure, Dell EMC ECS, and PowerScale for long-term retention on lower-cost object storage

Powerful Architecture

  • Designed for speed – true multi-controller scale-up, scale-out architecture with built-in end-to-end NVMe
  • Performance optimized – up to 15M IOPS2 , 350GB/s sustained bandwidth3 , under 100µs read latency
  • Efficiency without compromise – global inline data reduction with guaranteed 3.5:1 average DRR

Simple Operations

  • Intuitive storage management – provision storage in less than 30 seconds
  • Workload consolidation – massive consolidation of block, file, mainframe, IBM i storage on a single array
  • DevOps automation and containers – workflow automation and streamlined IT processes (vRA, vRO, CSI, Kubernetes)
  • Non-disruptive data migration – initiate data migrations from older arrays to PowerMax in three simple steps

Trusted Innovation

  • Mission-critical availability – proven six nines availability and gold-standard replication for business continuance, disaster recovery (BC/DR)
  • Deep VMware integration – mission-critical availability and the highest scalability for VMware Virtual Volumes deployments (64,000 vVols)
  • Flexible consumption – choice, predictability, and investment protection with pay-per-use solutions and Future-Proof guarantees
Dell EMC PowerMax 8000

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Dell Storage Products
Dell EMC PowerMax NVMe Storage
Dell EMC PowerMax 2000 NVMe Storage
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