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Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for Google Cloud
Secure Public Cloud Vault for Critical Data from Ransomware and Destructive Cyberattacks

Cyber Recovery for Google Cloud

Secure Public Cloud Vault for Critical Data from Ransomware and Destructive Cyberattacks

Cyberattacks are the enemy of data-driven organizations

Protecting your organization starts with protecting your data. The landscape of cyber threats is constantly evolving and continues to grow as technology improves. New attack strategies have moved from malware and ransomware to digital extortion, and the attacks continue to expose an organization's sensitive internal data. The modern threat of cyberattacks and the importance of maintaining the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of data, especially for today's data-driven businesses, schools, and organizations, requires the latest modern solutions and strategies to protect vital data and systems.

Attacks are nonstop, and the cost per episode continues to increase. And while there is a common misconception that only specific sized businesses or industries are targets, the reality is that companies of all sizes and across all sectors are targets. To reduce organizational risk caused by cyberattacks and create a more cyber resilient approach to data protection, you can modernize and automate your recovery and business continuity strategies and leverage the latest intelligent tools to detect and defend against cyber threats.

Cyber Recovery for Google Cloud

Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for Google Cloud provides proven, modern, andintelligent protection to isolate critical data and accelerate data recovery, allowing you to resume normal business operations quickly. PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for Google Cloud offers multiple layers of protection to provide resilience against cyberattacks and insider threats. It moves critical data away from the attack surface, physically and logically isolating it from access within Google Cloud with a secure, automated operational air gap.

Unlike standard cloud-based backup solutions, access to management interfaces is locked down by networking controls and can require separate security credentials and multi-factor authentication for access.

Why PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for Google Cloud?

Data Isolation and Governance
An isolated data vault environment using Google Cloud and disconnected frominternal or backup networks with restricted access

Automated Copy and Air Gap
Protected data copies to a secure digital vault protected through an operational air gap between production and vault environments

Recovery and Remediation
Workflows and tools to perform recovery from incidents using dynamic restore processes and procedures

Solution Planning and Design
Expert guidance from Dell Technologies to select critical data, applications and other assets built on a mature and trusted solution

Simplified Deployment
Fast access to a public cloud vault with a simple purchase and deployment via Google Cloud Marketplace

Reduce business risks from cyber threats

Automated workflows securely move business critical data to an isolated environment within Google Cloud. Create protection policies easily and monitor potential threats in real time with an intuitive user dashboard. The vault is always logically isolated via an operational air gap. The vault components are never accessible from production, and access to the vault storage – when the air gap is unlocked – is extremely limited and is protected within a secure Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). PowerProtect Cyber Recovery handles the synchronization of data between production systems and the securevault creating protected additional copies. If a cyberattack occurs authorized users can quickly access data to recover critical systems and get your organization back up and running.

Recovery and Remediation

PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for Google Cloud offers flexible restore and recovery options to bring critical data back online quickly and is supported by tested and documented recovery programs. Cyber Recovery for Google Cloud enables recovery of critical data from the vault after a cyberattack or for recovery testing procedures - allowing you to recover your data backto the corporate data center, or an alternate, or to a new VPC or clean environment within Google Cloud.

Solutions Planning and Design

Trust Dell Technologies services to strategize, implement, adapt, and scale a cyber recovery program to support your organization's needs. Expert services can include aligning protection and recovery, deploying cyber recovery technologies, responding to a cyber incident, or ensuring teams are trained on the latest skills. Working with your teams, our industry experts help determine which critical systems and data to protect and the infrastructure needed to recover.

Simplified Deployment

PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for Google Cloud is the latest Dell Data Protection solution available as a transactable offer through Google Cloud Marketplace enabling you to leverage your existing Google Cloud subscription. Dell Technologies is committed to providing you fast access to Dell’s portfolio of data protection offerings for Google Cloud with a simple purchase. What’s more, Dell Technologies gives you flexibility, allowing you to purchase Cyber Recovery for Google Cloud how you want – either directly through Dell, or through Google Cloud Marketplace. PowerProtect Cyber Recovery gives the confidence to protect, identify and restore known good data and maintain normal operations and compliance after a cyberattack.

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