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Continuous application availability and data mobility

VPLEX and VPLEX for All-Flash

VPLEX offers continuous application data availability and transparent data mobility to realize the following outcomes for your organization:

  • Uptime for your business-critical applications in the face of disasters
  • Accelerate your data center modernization efforts through online technology refresh
  • Operational agility to match your infrastructure to changing business needs  
  • Also available as an all-inclusive solution for Dell all flash storage arrays and some 3rd party storage arrays

VPLEX provides continuous application availability

EVPLEX enables IT organizations to build data center infrastructure that is always available and non-disruptive. VPLEX’s unique implementation of distributed cache coherency allows the exact same data to be read/write accessible across two storage systems at the same time. This in turn ensures uptime for business-critical application scenarios and enables seamless data mobility across host arrays without host disruption.


Active-active data centers

Ensures the highest availability for business-critical applications locally or over metro synchronous distances.


Seamless Workload Mobility

Creates a flexible storage architecture that makes data and workload mobility seamless.


Seamless Technology Refresh

Provides online, non-disruptive technology refresh creating faster time to value for your new storage system.

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