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Dell EMC VMAX 950F
All Flash Mission-Critical Storage

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The exciting Dell EMC VMAX All Flash family offers the VMAX 250F and VMAX 950F arrays. The VMAX 950F delivers unparalleled performance and scalability as a mission-critical multi-controller platform utilizing Intel Xeon E5-2697-v4 18 core processors running at 2.3GHz. With the highest capacity 7.68 and 15.36TB Enterprise Flash drives, and Dual V-Brick/cabinet packaging this new Enterprise class array offers a compelling value proposition designed for the most demanding storage workloads, including new support for Mixed Mainframe and Open Systems hosts. Like all members of the All Flash family, your data always resides in the fastest possible tier (Diamond) to deliver the highest IOPS throughput and lowest possible latency. PowerMaxOS with service levels is an attractive option for VMAX All Flash customers.

VMAX All Flash arrays extend the long tradition of VMAX Reliability, Availability and Serviceability that our customers have come to expect. A single V-Brick is architected to provide six-nines (99.9999%) of Availability in the most demanding, mission critical environments. Ranging from 1 to 8 V-Bricks packaged in dual V-Brick racks along with their associated DAEs, the VMAX All Flash family offers unprecedented scale and footprint efficiency. The built-in hypervisor enables VMAX All Flash to offer unified block and file support through Embedded NAS (eNAS), as well as Embedded Management.

VMAX All Flash arrays are available in two software packages, the standard “F” package and the application rich “FX” package, which makes ordering easy. The FX package includes licensed support for SRDF S/A/STAR/Metro, Data at Rest Encryption, eNAS, and both include VASA Provider Certified support for vVols, and Secure Snaps, a SnapVX feature eliminating the ability for admins to delete snapshots. VMAX All Flash arrays also offer the optional support for RecoverPoint for heterogeneous replication with Dell EMC arrays. As always, VMAX All Flash arrays come fully pre-configured out of the factory to significantly shorten the time to first I/O.

Mission-Critical Storage at Scale

All flash arrays are accelerating the pace of business transformation as IT professionals search for the most relevant technologies to modernize their operation and drive down operational and capital expenditures. As flash prices rapidly decline, capacity points exceed spinning disk, and data reduction techniques advance, more organizations are evaluating, testing, and deploying all-flash solutions to tackle the most demanding mixed workloads that span across the modern datacenter.

Dell EMC VMAX All Flash arrays are architected to solve the CIO challenge of embracing a modernized flash-centric datacenter for mission- critical applications while simultaneously simplifying, automating, and consolidating IT operations. VMAX All Flash is engineered for the latest, high density flash technology and to specifically exploit the rich set of data services of VMAX All Flash. These data services address the new requirements of the modern datacenter while continuing to deliver the reliability and mission-critical availability Dell EMC customers have relied on for years.

Scalable Performance

  • Leverage advanced multi-core/multi-threading algorithms and a flashoptimized design to meet strict SLAs for high-demand onlinetransaction processing (OLTP), virtualized applications, and high-growth Oracle and SQL databases
  • Scale out performance and scale up capacity to achieve millions of IOPS, PBs of capacity, and predictable performance (350 microsecond response time)

Mission-Critical Availability

  • Mission-critical availability architecture with advanced fault isolation,robust data integrity checking, and proven non-disruptive hardware and software upgrades
  • Six-nines availability for 24x7 operations
  • SRDF software, the goldstandard for multi-site remote replication and DR

Hyper Consolidation

  • Achieve massive consolidation with support for mixed open, mainframe, IBM i, and file storage on the same system simplifying management and significantly lowering overall TCO
  • Consolidate multiple concurrent workloads and multi-PBs of capacity both on premise and through tiering to cloud storage


  • Leverage advanced 3D NAND flash to consolidate high-demand transaction processing and decision support workloads
  • Achieve consistent 350 microsecond response times at massive scale for extreme-growth hybrid cloud environments
  • Process up to 6.7 million IOPS at sub-1ms latency with up to 576 CPU cores and multithreading technology
  • Accelerate time to deployment with streamlined appliance-based packaging and easy non-disruptive migrations
  • Leverage inline compression for new or existing VMAX data sets while maintaining high performance and operating all VMAX data services
  • Protect vital open systems and mainframe information at six-nines availability
  • Create hundreds of snapshots per volume to optimize decision support, application testing, and business analytics with TimeFinder SnapVX
  • Run rapid backup and restore for Oracle, SQL, Exchange deployments with Dell EMC ProtectPoint; backup directly from VMAX to Data Domain and eliminate app server overhead