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Dell PowerStore
Designed for the data era

PowerStore 3.0

Introducing the next stage of software-driven, continuously modern storage. 120+ new features, and the largest PowerStore release to date


Boost workload performance

Up to 50% more IOPS, 66% higher capacity, 8X more volumes and 10X faster copy operations.


Innovate without limits

Build your enterprise vision with more data mobility, advanced file services, VMware integrations and deeper cybersecurity.


Stay continuously modern

Anytime Upgrade™ keeps you forever up to date with all-inclusive software and data-in-place upgrades.

Welcome to the PowerStore Experience

Simplify IT operations for the long term with a continuously modern storage platform that evolves with your needs


Adaptable Architecture

PowerStore has the scope to ensure the solution you deploy today will continue to meet your requirements in the future. No matter where your data resides or how you use it, PowerStore gives you plenty of headroom to adjust your strategy as you go.


Integrated Intelligence

PowerStore’s built in AI makes change easy, so what starts simple stays simple. Self-optimizing processes auto-tune efficiency, performance and availability without manual intervention, even as you make rapid course corrections.


Modernize In-place

With PowerStore, you'll know your workloads are always running on the latest technology. All-inclusive software and unique Anytime Upgrade advantage make even full platform transitions effortless -- delivering a true cloud-like experience.

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