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Dell EMC PowerStore 9000X
Flexibility to run applications directly on PowerStore with AppsON

Dell EMC PowerStore 9000X

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PowerStore 1000X through 9000X models take storage platforms in a bold new direction, combining the fundamental benefits of enterprise shared storage with the capabilities of an on-board hypervisor. Integrating the PowerStore’s container-based software architecture with VMware ESXi provides unmatched operational and management integration between storage and the virtualized compute environment. Designed for the modern data center, PowerStore’s data-centric design with NVMe and hardware-enabled Advanced Data Reduction and 4:1 DRR deliver critical performance and storage efficiency for both traditional and modern applications.

Modern data center challenges require a new approach to storage infrastructure

In the new data era, the combination of massive amounts of data and unparalleled technology innovation has given businesses of all sizes the opportunity to become disruptive, digital powerhouses. But despite this potential, many learn that digital transformation can be complex and challenging. Data has become more diverse than ever before – and it is now being created, processed and stored everywhere, from edge to cloud. Most organizations have found that no single infrastructure can address all their data requirements, so they utilize different architectures, creating siloes of IT resources that are managed and consumed independently.

At the same time, IT is under increasing pressure to deliver greater levels of simplicity and agility on the business side. Enterprise-grade, on-premises storage must now provide the same operational flexibility as cloud, becoming ever more adaptable, automated and easier to integrate with existing management frameworks.

To meet these conflicting demands, a new architecture and approach to storage is required. Dell Technologies introduces PowerStore – a modern storage appliance designed for the data era. This game-changing new platform unlocks the power of data, regardless of its structure or location, helping you adapt and transform your IT without disrupting current operations.


  • New data-centric, intelligent, and adaptable infrastructure supports diverse requirements while simplifying IT operations
  • Innovative AppsON capability lets you run virtualized workloads directly on the array, making them portable, agile and fast
  • The only purpose-built array with a built-in VMware ESXi hypervisor. Complements and extends your current VMware investments.


  • Any workload – single architecture for physical, virtual, and container-based apps and databases. Designed for “6 9s” availability
  • Performance optimized – end-to-end NVMe design is up to 7X faster3 than previous arrays with up to 3X better response time.
  • Scale up and scale out – independently add capacity or processing power.
  • Efficiency without compromise – always-on inline data reduction with guaranteed 4:1 average DRR


  • Programmable infrastructure – end-to-end automation streamlines IT and DevOps
  • Autonomous appliance – built-in machine learning optimizes resources
  • Proactive healthy analytics – smart monitoring reduces risk and predicts needs


  • Flexible architecture – container-based software stack enables application mobility
  • Flexible deployment – modernize the core, edge and cloud without disruption
  • Flexible consumption – choice, predictability and investment protection with pay-per-use solutions and data-in-place upgrades

The future of storage is here

From both a technology and an operational perspective, PowerStore complements and advances your current infrastructure. Built from the ground up to provide unprecedented capabilities leveraging next-gen technology, the adaptable new platfor m simultaneously offers a familiar context and mature, comprehensive ecosystem support.

Whether your current environment includes traditional 3-tier solutions (servers, networks, arrays), hyperconverged infrastructure, hybrid or public cloud, or a mixture of everything, PowerStore helps you simplify and modernize without adding another management silo, allowing your IT staff leverage current skillsets while investing confidently in the future.

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