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Dell Compellent Disk Drives
Maximum Efficiency and Performance

Dell Compellent Disk Drives

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Dell Compellent disk drives feature the latest industry standards for maximum efficiency and performance, while Thin Provisioning ensures physical capacity is only consumed on write. Organizations can combine SSD, Fibre Channel and SAS drives in the same system. And administrators can choose the drive types, capacities, form factors, transfer rates and rotational speeds that make sense for their business or application needs. Now available with a 6 Gb transfer rate, Dell Compellent SAS drives with the same 2.5" or 3.5" form factor (but different speeds and capacities) can even share the same storage enclosure. SAS 2.0 technology delivers twice the performance yet uses nearly half the power of SAS 1.0. Plus, 2.5" SAS drives are two-thirds smaller than conventional 3.5" drives, resulting in a significant performance boost with a smaller footprint. With Dell Compellent, you can scale up and out on demand, adding storage capacity on the fly as business needs change. And migrating data to new disk drives can be performed without disruption or downtime using Live Volume software.

Enclosures Fibre Channel 3.5" Drive SAS 3.5" Drive SAS 2.5" Drive
Capacity 15K RPM: 300GB, 600GB
10K RPM: 450GB
15K RPM: 450GB, 600GB
7.2K RPM: 1TB, 2TB
SSD: 200GB 
15K RPM: 146GB
10K RPM: 450GB, 600GB
7.2K RPM: 1TB
Interface Fibre Channel, dual-port, 4Gb SAS, dual-port, 6Gb SAS, dual-port, 6Gb
Power/TB High Low, Medium, High Very Low, Low, Medium
Footprint/TB High Low, Medium, High Very Low, Low, Medium
Cost/TB Medium Low, Medium Low, Medium, High